7 things students wish they’d known sooner

7 things students wish they'd known sooner

  1. “Use the library.It’s underrated. Make it a habit to study there and ask questions when researching.”
    -Second year graduate student, Cuesta College, California
  2. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. No question is a stupid question. Teachers and advisors are eager to help at any time. It is your money and your time. Use it wisely!?
    -First-year student, Iowa Western Community College
  3. “Schedule at least one school-free afternoon or day. You need a guilt-free relaxation without the thoughts of ‘I should be studying.'”
    -Third-year student, Wake Technical Community College, North Carolina
  4. “Set up a place outside of your normal routine to do your online class, not your kitchen or room. Try the library!”
    -Third-year student, University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac
  5. “See other students as colleagues instead of competition. Help each other. Study together. Capitalize each other’s strengths.”
    -Third-year student, College of the Desert, California
  6. Don’t be that person who procrastinates until the last minute then panics over not having enough time. Start right away, do a little bit at a time, and walk away if you get too frustrated or exhausted to work anymore.”
    -Firth-year student, Community College of Rhode Island
  7. “Grad school can be intimidating, but it is important to be confident in your abilities and remember that you were admitted for a reason.”
    -Second-year graduate student, Emory University, Georgia