Disability Services

Disability Services

Serving Students with Special Needs

What’s the Law?

Congress enacted the“Rehabilitation Act of 1973”and the“Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990”(ADA) in order to ensure the rights of those with disabilities. Wilmington University complies with these laws which require educational institutions to reasonably accommodate a qualified individual with a disability when appropriate documentation is provided.

Procedure for Receiving Special Accommodations

Students with special needs may qualify for accommodations to help with disabilities which impede their academic progress and lower classroom performance. To receive accommodations a student must notify the Office of Disability Services by completing a self-identification form and furnish documentation verifying the need for assistance. Each student bears the responsibility for contacting the appropriate clinical specialist who has diagnosed their disability and obtain objectivedata supporting the diagnosis and the need for service released and forwarded to this office. To avoid delays, supporting data should be forwarded on a timely basis. Incomplete files will not be processed.

To document a disability you will need to contact the medical professional that is treating you or who has diagnosed your disability. Through their office, you will need to provide current documentation (less than three years old) from a physician, psychologist, or other appropriately licensed professional that:

• makes a diagnostic statement that includes the appropriate diagnostic codes and a full description of the diagnosed condition

• description of the expected progress or stability of the condition • methods used to arrive at the diagnosed condition
• clearly identifies the credentials of the evaluator
• description of the current functional limitations

• current or past accommodations • adaptive devices
• assistive services

• compensatory strategies

Wilmington University’s Students with Special Needs Handbook, Appendix E, provides guidelines for your medical professional to specify the medical information the University will need to make determinations. The handbook and information regarding policies and procedures relevant to disability services is available at wilmu.edu/DisabilityServices.