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Confident girl

7 ways to boost your confidence, even when you’re not feeling it

Here’s how to appear confident, even if you’re not feeling that way.
Group of students with arms around each other

Social support: The most overlooked self-care routine

Rate this article and enter to winI began feeling pretty out of it after starting college. I had just moved away from a tight-knit friend group in my hometown and had no idea what...
Therapy session

Talk it out: The science behind therapy and how it can help you

Rate this article and enter to winNew courses, internships, or jobs can give us all the feels—from super psyched to super stressed. Even if you’re loving your student life, dealing with all the stressors...
Pensive African American female

Ask the counselor: “How do I survive in a racist community?”

—Gala C., Dordt College, IowaIt’s not easy being in a community that you feel has hatred toward others because of their race. It’s stressful to hear negative comments or see discrimination and feel like...
Back of a group of students with arms around each other

How you can change the sexual culture on your campus—and why that matters

Rate this article and enter to winWe all want schools and communities without sexual violence, but it can be hard to know where to start. In-the-moment strategies like bystander intervention are powerful tools to...
Sleeping dog

Bliss out, don’t miss out: The joy and solace of sleep

 Rate this article and enter to winStudents adore and crave sleep. When we asked hundreds of you what you’d love to be doing right now, sleeping ranked second—behind only “being with someone I love,”...
Serious looking male

Mind your mind: Choosing change

As the semester ends—and especially if your program is coming to an end—you can be sure that lots of changes are coming your way. When we ask students about changes they’re anticipating, they sometimes...
Pensive man

Failure is a part of success: How to feel empowered and move forward

Rate this article and enter to winEveryone has been in a situation where he or she felt that if something had been done differently, more could have been accomplished. But a hitch on the...
Girl taking out book from library

Conquer your stress

Rate this article and enter to winDo you ever feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel? It’s very common for students to feel stress-a physiological and psychological state that results from a variety...
Happy couple

When your education changes, do your relationships?

Rate this article and enter to winAs a student, you may find that your interests and priorities are shifting and that your commitment to school is changing the dynamics in your relationships. Taking time...