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Attention: This is a PSA for all college studentsvideo

Attention: This is a PSA for all college students

Attention: This is a PSA for all college students
Illustration of student sleeping

Still awake? How to get to sleep when you can’t

Rate this article and enter to winTired? Lying awake at night? If you have insomnia, you may take a half-hour or longer to fall asleep and frequently get less than six hours, according to...

Ask the doc: Why do I always feel tired?

“I make sure to get enough sleep, but I still always feel tired. Why could this be?”—Ariel B., Red Rocks Community College, ColoradoThis is a very common dilemma. It can be helpful to determine...
pzizz app

Thing of the month: pzizz

Amy NielsenFourth-year undergraduate at Western Washington University, majoring in communication studies with a minor in business administration; Student Health 101 Student Advisory Board 2016–17."This free app uses restful music and soothing vocal suggestions to...
Night owls

Calling all night owls: Making your sleep habits work for you

Rate this article and enter to winSleeping much? At night—or in class? If these questions make you yawn or weep, you’re in good (but tired) company. Many students are night owls, prone to staying...
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Sleep study: Top 10 tips for better nights

Rate this article and enter to winThe benefits of sleep have been unarguably established by science. Restful nights are strongly associated with happiness, healthy weight maintenance, reduced risk of chronic disease, and having a...
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Stretching for better sleep

Stretching is an easy way to unwind from the day and get your body and mind in the mood for sleep. Here are four stretches to help you relax: Forward Bend: Elongates the back, neck, and...
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You snooze, you win: How sleep helps you retain memory

Rate this article and enter to winSleep is key to academic success. It allows you to learn information and use it when you need to. Isn’t that what school is about?Dr. Nadav Traeger at...
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Sleep Machine® by SleepSoft LLC

Why we love it:Looking for a way to drown out rowdy roommates or street noise? This app offers ambient sounds and lots of "white noise" options.What is it?This easy-to-use app helps you create a...
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Boost your metabolism while sleeping

Rate this article and enter to winYou’ve probably heard that sleep improves brainpower, your body’s ability to heal, and emotional functioning. According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston,...